The intricacies of the F-35 Fighter Jet f 35 technology

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There is a fighter jet designed and made in the U.S. that was first used in combat in 2018. This pricy, super stealthy next-generation fighter jet can fly at supersonic speeds, and one version of it is able to take off and land vertically.

We know this aircraft as the F-35 fighter jet, and it has multiple versions such as F35 lightning and F-35b. Although they have some impressive features, the project is far from being perfect.

In December 2016, former U.S. President Donald Trump announced his discontentment about the F-35 cost in a tweet, and he had some points.

The 16-year-old project was seven years late, and the project’s lifetime cost exceeds $1 trillion today. F-35 development issues and other things aside, the F-35 remains as a project in progress for more than two decades.

Many countries have already bought versions of the fighter jet, and F-35 jets might be the fighter jets of the future. If you are curious about the other details of this fighter jet such as F-35 armament capacity or its configurations, be sure to check out this video.

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The intricacies of the F-35 Fighter Jet

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The intricacies of the F-35 Fighter Jet
f 35 technology
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Yuri Nator 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Idiotic statistics

Strong Like Bull 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

I hear that we have an Industrial Military Complex issue in the U.S.

The Tony Stone Show 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Northrop must be saying I told you so! The YF-23 Black Widow ll should have won that contract , but thanks to politics!

AA BP 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

I dont understand why it hasn't replaced the A-10 already

Edward Lorence Nelson 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

I watched expecting it to be very PRO or very CON. I got pretty deep
into it and still wasn't sure. You know, I think it's pretty objective.
In fact, it's only at the end that we get the proposition: "TOO BIG TO
FAIL". Personally, I don't think ANYTHING is too big to fail. From banks
to insurance companies to automobile manufacturers to defense
contractors: prime cases of failed enterprises that were BAILED OUT.
Wrong ! Wrong! Wrong! RULE OF BUSINESS: if you're good, you succeed. If
not BYE BYE. It what makes a market economy work. It drives innovation
and competition and employment. It drives prices down. ANYTHING CAN FAIL
and when it does, no matter how big, the world keeps turning, economies
recover just the same, smarter and stronger than before.

Curtis Blanco 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

The Air Force is disappointed? How long will it take the Air Force to learn that complex weapon systems have issues? Extremely complex weapon systems have extreme issues.

Oh I forget, it was Congress that mandated this Airplane, not the Air Force.

Will America learn?

diago jota 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

F 35….a toy

Alpha Centauri 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

It's designed to suck $$$

Gold Winger 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

They didn't mention the $400,000 helmet. Can you imagine being the pilot who drops his helmet and damages it? "OK, Capt you're working for free for the next ten years."

Gold Winger 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Thrust isn't measured in ft-lbs.

L.A. Prodigy 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

It’s basically a billion dollars flying around

Tower Packing Media MPHR biomedia 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

F 35 is on its way to revolutionizing the War Zone. And only countries with a clear vision on how to utilize the new advanced technology to their benefit will own one.

khan abdulrehman 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

An old Soviet rpg can take this down .

Tzeentch 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

F-35 is super costly to operate
*F-22 : speak for yourself peasant

June Pelayo 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Inggit lng sila kc hnd nila kya gayahin.

Alvira Rahman 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Didn’t Japan sink one of the F35s in the Ocean?

Koray Biber 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

We will build a better one. Be on the watch!

Sharjeel Khan 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Waste of money.

Ivan Angel 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Su 35 s' a generation behind n' far more effective.

Joshua N. Ajang 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Go to Hasard Lee channel.

Americanknow 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

It is the slowest fighter jet, only March 1.3

gopi krishna 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

This person does not know what he is talking about, he says " F35 is family of single engine fighter " F35 a is twin engine, b and c are single engine

Jedi JC 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Why do people keep Forgetting that all Three F-35 Versions are "Fighter-Bombers" (Joint Strike) not "Attack," "Interceptor," or "Air Superiority" Fighters. The F-16 Started out, on the Drawing Board, as a Short Range "Interceptor" to be Cheaper $$$$ than the "Air Superiority" F15. However the F-16 was then Forced to have a "Ground Strike", NOT Bomber, capability. Again All Three F-35 Versions are "Fighter-Bombers" from the Drawing Board to the Built Aircraft Flying from a ship or air base.

For Example: The F35B is the True Successor to The 50 Year old Av-8 (Attack) Harrier Jump Jet. The F35B "Fighter-Bomber" (Joint Strike) can Out Fly it, Out Run it, Carry more Weapons Externally (when stealth no longer matters), & will Not become the the Heat Seeking (IR) Missile Magnet the Harrier Became. However, the F35A is too much "High & Fast Flying Bomber" to Fully Replace the A-10. Although, the Media will not admit it , the F35A has Proven its Worth Thanks to Israel (Again {F15 & F16}) flying Combat Missions for the past year.

With that said, they should get rid of the F35C because most of the F35 Problems, this video & other People Talk about, is only with that Aircraft Carrier Version. Unlike the other 2, the F35C has not seen Combat and, at this rate, will not see combat due to all the problems the Media Truly talks about.

Strategic Studies 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

such a waste

Istanbul Beauty 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

In terms of value and profit it is absolute failure
In terms of air superiority it is success
In terms of technology it is a masterpiece

Zero Sum 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Do you know what the F stands for? You got it, a Failure.

Mexican MGTOW 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

a flying duck for s400

Angry Hooman 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

When the author has no idea about the purpose of F-35 you will get this type of documentary

Shashidhar Janardhan 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Nothing is a failure when developing a new technology. It is only a learning curve

Stormsquad 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

By this video's logic the Typhoon and Rafale must be the most god awful of failures for what and how they're made. I mean they cost more than the F-35 and are a whole generation behind

Ralph Smith 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

"Too big to fail" doesn't apply in aviation. No matter how big you are, if you don't have enough lift to get airborne before reaching the end of the runway, you're going to crash. Size doesn't help.

Ja Sc 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

The USA is probably the only nation capable to build a real stealth fighter so far. I am not worried about future and cost of the F-35. The USA has a strategic advantage with stealth despite the so called Russian and Chinese Wunderwaffen.

This advantage will not be spoiled by armchair pilots. You regularly read how much the F-35 is a failure and that we would be so much better off if we only listened to the armchair pilots. Calm down taxpayers you will continue to finance the F-35 with or without your agreement.

Jeff Richards 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

The United States has not had a fighter in a turning dogfight since 1980. I'm not a pilot but I understand that the fighter that shoots first wins first that's the biggest advantage of the f-35. If it was an unreliable platform or not safe pilots would say so but if you take pilots who have flown f-16s and f-15s and are trained in the f-35 also when you ask them which one they would take into battle unanimously they pick the f-35 it's the most survivable platform. It is also an impressive kill ratio in war games somewhere around 20 to 1 after it exhausts it's internal weapons shooting down on any plans since it's low observable characteristics it can stay in theater with its sensors and it becomes a quarterback for more conventional fighters it's an extremely lethal combination

Rob Horne 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

No mention of the existing fighters being at least 30 years old and are worn out. New one needed now . Better fix the problems quickly.

William Reid 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

Some of the information on this is fake. Radar issue was during the prototype phase

Marrion Lulu 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

1:15 "8 million lines of code"?!?!? April 1st?? This has got to be an April's fool joke (if not, this must be a nightmare to maintain ouch)

AutoVlog989 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

My country is going to get rafale jet and f35 and is going to upgrade our f16 to viper

mitchell Butler 25/02/2022 - 3:10 Chiều

But one or two per squadron sure …. but I wouldn’t waste my money replacing every plane in my military with a glitchy fat lady . Fighter jets get shot down in times of war . Who can afford 100 million a throw ? How about a unit price of 30 million and a minimum order of 250 planes . Now we are balling …. personally I’ll take every F-16 in the Arizona graveyard , refitted with new radar and avionics before I’d touch this “ flying IPad “ I still can’t believe we have gone from the jaw dropping capabilities of the F-22 to this over priced fat lady …. thrust vectoring engines , super cruise capabilities, stealth tech with an RCS of a bumblebee, 70,000lbs of thrust and at the same price give or take ??? How does development go backwards ? There’s value in the computer capabilities of this plane of course . But the plane itself falls short of the development curve the raptor set . I think the F-35 is the biggest flop in Aviation. A cash cow and money grab for something Lockheed will do in the future no doubt . Where and what are they doing with all the money they make from this program ? Will that future project be available to the people who have contributed their money to fund these developments. Or will it be another “ off limits tech “ like the raptor ? It bugs me that the raptor was discontinued and not made available to allied countries, but this bucket of bolts is .. annoys me ! Put the raptor back in production this things a flop!


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