The Best Money Saving Hacks For Mountain Bike Maintenance: Part 1 technology hacks

by adminhuahinsunvilla3sd

Everyone loves to save their hard earned cash, and mountain bikes can be expensive to maintain. Doddy raids his recycling, toolboxes and spares-bin to demonstrate the best money saving hacks.

The GMBN Shop:

Always use protective equipment and eyewear when using power tools, and if you’re inexperienced in their use always exercise caution and seek guidance🔧 👨‍🏭

From carefully re-using old parts and degreaser, to repurposing your household goods, these hacks should save you lots of money. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

Which of these tips do you do at home? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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The Best Money Saving Hacks For Mountain Bike Maintenance: Part 1

The Best Money Saving Hacks For Mountain Bike Maintenance: Part 1

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The Best Money Saving Hacks For Mountain Bike Maintenance: Part 1
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You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here

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מור צדוק 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

The best way to save money is to not buy.
I save thousands of dollars every day

Miles Finch 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Best degreaser – paraffin/kerosene. Cheap and easy to source.

AWES0ME SAUCE 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

The part junkyard is gold. Would love to go digging around for parts.

Brian warshow 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Definitely use your super sweet expensive POC gloves for grinding work, don't worry they will sell you another pair, gladly. It looks like POC makes cheapo industrial safety glasses as well. I guess it's nice to roll on a rock star budget, pretty wild.

CyclingLife 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Nice tips to save money. Since i can see you like to "steal" stuff from your wife, let me give you another tip: makeup remover cleansing wipes are great to remove cosmetics from your wife's face and also your bike mechanic's hands. It also moisturizes your hands so you keep them clean and soft. I think she will like this trick too, thank me later. 😉

CyclingLife 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

My sister lost a finger to a power tool. Beware of that grinder and get yourself some chainmail butcher gloves (at least). Take care.

Jason LHY 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

That grips, i use it for chainstay protectors.

IFFY_TOO 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

5:21 A PG Tips box has more substance than that thing. FML Park Tool sell some jank at times.

jz gibs ne anzeije 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

14:07 thx for showing me a easy way to scroll on a laptop i didnt know

G G 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Made my front fender outta mucoff bottle n its the best 1 ive had no bullshit!!!!!!

jpjjohnson3 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Ayup doddy talking about dish soap check out stardrops available in most shops B&M home bargains it has zero salt makes ya bike shine like new.. Oh and its only 70p for 750 mils

Jacob Ford 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Not using your blade guard is a really bad idea man. When you have a cutting disk explode on you and you lose a finger you’ll understand why. It’s not just there to prevent your hand sliding into the cutter.

very normal 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều


Gabrielius 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

I hack for protecting your frame while traveling you can take some pool noodles cut your pool noodles to fit your bike frame cut them on the side and then put those on it works realy well

Phoenix Chimaera 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Haha you're video thumbnails are awesome

Ifeyecouldpaint 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Believe it or not biological washing powder makes a brilliant degreaser for your chain and it's less harmful to the environment

Carl C Hedemalm 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

wait what? dish soap isnt too bad on my bike, even after inspections its like bike cleaner almost, just rinse it and its fine

and doddy love his angle grinder

MIguel Faro 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Quick tip if you dont have degreaser, use gasoline. Works like a charm

Dave Hendry 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

you should never wear gloves with power tools, risk of pulling your hand in and causing further damage

Christina Stewart 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

mid 2000 is 2050 4:45

Belial61 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Is anyone else just here to see why tf he’s taking a grinder to that sprocket?

Digi tal 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Are all bike mechanics British?

Tits McGhee 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Impressed how you kept a straight face when selling the milk bottle idea. Not so impressed with the angle grinder though!

Fleksimir 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Your angle grinder accuracy goes way down after the disk shatters and you have 400 entry wounds on your face filled with hazardous material that needs to be surgically removed. It may never happen, but if it does you will be as sorry as it is possible to be sorry about anything.

Andreas Schäfer 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

honestly doddy, do yourself a favour and read a little further on the topic of the guard on the angle grinder.
Nothing is worth putting yourself at so much unnecessary risk.
These cutoff wheels can explode into your face at any moment.

Ian Maddock 21/02/2022 - 7:53 Chiều

Great video. On the subject of degreaser. A guy who used to run a local bike shop once told me that using cheap household furniture polish is a superb degreaser and he swears by it. I have to say it works if you want to clean a chain or cassette etc or just to get thick oil off your hands.
Also old inner tubes make great elastic bands if you want to keep tools together etc if you cut them enough you potentially could have hundreds of elastic bands from one tube.


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