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June 10, 2020 – Wednesday
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Today, we decided to teach Gaze about technology given that her generation is more exposed to it, and we thought that she must understand how to use it properly. Considering that there is no escape from technology, why not just let our kids learn and understand it in an educational way. We based our lesson on Digital Literacy for young learners. Gaze reacted positively and interactively, especially when realia (concrete objects) were shown to her. She was super thrilled to be able to turn on a phone and a laptop. What is more, she also had the chance to use the laptop’s mouse and keyboard. On a personal note, we noticed that Gaze displayed a learning readiness for digital literacy lessons and we are certainly going to continue in the coming class schedules.

The main objective of this lesson is for Gaze to identify different kinds of computers and name the parts of a computer.

This lesson is designed, planned, and created for K-learners (Kindergarten). This lesson is focused on Digital Literacy for young learners.

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LEARN-at-HOME | Technology (Kindergarten)

LEARN-at-HOME | Technology (Kindergarten)

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#LEARNatHOME #Technology #Kindergarten
LEARN-at-HOME | Technology (Kindergarten)
technology kindergarten
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