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Learn how to play poker by watching this easy-to-follow video tutorial. If you want to find out how to play poker for beginners, this video is for you.

Poker is a very popular game. Most of the casinos or your house parties are often graced with this game pulled through an all-nighter. If you’re one of those, who often miss out on all the poker fun just because you don’t know how to play this game exceptionally, then we’ve got you quite covered.

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Here we have covered everything that you need to know about playing poker. Trust us! We have got you the best way to learn poker game rules.

# What are the poker hands that you can win on?
1. Nothing- Yes! Even this a possibility in Poker. For example, if every player has no good sequence or a great hand, then the player with the highest card wins.
2. Pairs- Pairs are considered higher in poker than cards that don’t form any pair. For example, two 2s, two 5s, two Queens, two Aces, and likewise.
3. Two Pairs- Having two pairs will lead to having a single pair. This is essentially a double pair. For example- having a pair of 2s and a pair of 7s.
4. Three of a Kind- Having three cards of the same number like three 6s is called being three of a kind. They lead over single pairs and double pairs.
5. Straight cards- If all your cards form a sequence like 6-7-8-9 then it will lead on any of the above sets. One thing to note here is the usage of the ace card. One can either use it in a higher order or a lower order. It can be a set of Ace-2-3-4 or Jack-Queen-King-Ace.
6. Flush- This is the simplest one. If you have all your cards from the same suit, then you have a flush. For example, you have all your cards from the diamond family, which will lead over any of the pairs or straight sequence cards.
7. Full House – A full house in poker means having a hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. For example, having 3 Jacks and 2 6s.
8. Four of a Kind- This is the most ideal set. For any kind like four aces.
9. Straight Flush – A sequence in the same suit has the most chances of winning.
10. Royal Flush- This royal flush includes the top sequence (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten) in the same suit.

# What about the Poker Lingo?

These are some of the poker lingos that you should absolutely know.

1. Ante – This is ideally the first, and usually a very small amount of money that is put up in the game essentially by players. This is a mandate to be put in by all players if they wish to be dealt in.
2. Fold – Fold means to get out of a hand. It’s just about putting your cards down and not playing that hand anymore. Any player can do this at any point in the game.
3. Check – This is not always possible but if it is you can get another hand for free if you currently don’t have a good set of cards in your hand. No! You don’t need to bet for this.
4. Call – So ideally if someone bets, you can call on that player and put up the same amount to enter the next round.
5. Raise – In poker, you can raise the bet that another player has placed if you think you have an exceptional hand. So what you have to do is put up as much as the other player and then add some more.
6. Capped betting – This means that you cannot bet anymore, you can only call in this round of cards. This ideally happens only after 4 raises have been done, or if the set limit is met.
7. Bluff – Bluff in poker is exactly what it means otherwise as well. It’s a tactic used by players who do not have a great hand to fool the other players into raising stakes. Moreover, one should be warned because it can also work in the reverse mechanism as well.

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How to Play Poker | Learn Poker in Hindi | Best Poker Tutorials for Beginners

How to Play Poker | Learn Poker in Hindi | Best Poker Tutorials for Beginners

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How to Play Poker | Learn Poker in Hindi | Best Poker Tutorials for Beginners
make money online poker
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