How I made $15k Today w/ Fantom Opera Token Tomb Finance TSHARE COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS Geist Finance finance after 40

by adminhuahinsunvilla3sd

#fantomopera #tshare #tombshare #tombfinance
So If you have been hearing about all the money people are making on, it’s a little complicated walking into it but I made a video showing you all the steps to have you making 600% + on your money TODAY… in the next 6 hours, you will get your first payment!

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How I made $15k Today w/ Fantom Opera Token Tomb Finance TSHARE COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS Geist Finance

How I made $15k Today w/ Fantom Opera Token Tomb Finance TSHARE COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS Geist Finance

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#15k #Today #Fantom #Opera #Token #Tomb #Finance #TSHARE #COMPLETE #INSTRUCTIONS #Geist #Finance
How I made $15k Today w/ Fantom Opera Token Tomb Finance TSHARE COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS Geist Finance
finance after 40
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You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here

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Tim Malcolm 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Guys I forgot an important detail, how to get Fantom into your wallet for your BNB to Fantom transaction, FREE FANTOM FOR GAS!

Vahn A 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

its still possible to do that with 2.4 T share ?

i love ur videos bro

Conan H 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Great content, Tim! What happens if you miss an epoch? And if I have some savings sitting around, do you recommend Tomb or 2omb to get my feet wet?

Mark Rogers 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Your music is sick as fuck It’s perfect

spencer zimmerman 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

holy shit this video could have been like 8 minutes long.

SKINZ DEEP 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Had to leave another comment just finished setting up account and all my way to your other video with the high % thanks again for making the super easy

SKINZ DEEP 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Thank you Malcom the magnificent…I wonder if people are still making those kinds of gains today?
Great video !

jenny kow 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

finally I managed to stake my FTM to earn tomb and in turn earn t shares , just started today , hope it works out fine . will update again . tks

Hamza A 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

How much ftm do you need to deposit to earn that much

Ryan Johnson 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

how do i get my tomb off the site? i dont have bnb nor kucoin..

Ryan Johnson 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

i dont have bnb. i bought ftm with eth

osadebe ukachukwu 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

I want Tim's crypto

osadebe ukachukwu 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều


loded diaper 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều


John Pike 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Hi Tim, excellent content.
Thank you very much.
Just a basic question.
When you buy the BNB token to then swap in Anyswap, are you buying the traditional BNB token, or the BNB Smartchain token?
The logos/symbols look the same. I just want to make sure I get the right one.

Michaela 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Great video

David FP 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Tomb production seems to be halted now. Just bought more TShare. Hopefully Harry Balls doesn't decide to rug the TShare.

Jess Sanchez 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Yeah.i don't get it

Nicholas Esteves 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

How exactly is this 500% apr is different from the DAOs Apr? Cause DAOs do auto compounding and that's probably why DAOs have higher Apr right? What you think it's best and more secure?

DAVID LUCKY 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

ok – figured it out – shows my share amount – but it just does not have the headstone like yours does. weird

Vennita Hensley 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Tim i hope to learn about this asap. Without getting screwed. Thank you

Chris Farrell 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

seriously — this video is outstanding. Thank you sooooo much for all the specific detail you went into – it really is appreciated.

dragos25st 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

I got stuck when I have to swap BNB to FTM. It says I need FTM for the gas. Someone please help?

Texas Chick 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Hi Tim,
Love the content but I am stuck. These are the steps I have competed
1) set up metamask
2) connect wallet to FTM opera
3) add anyswap bridge
4) tried to transfer ftm from crypto.c and the transaction failed. So stuck here. I left out all the BNB stuff because I am not familiar with it and saw in comments that it may not be necessary to complete that step (wrong?). Will gladly pay for a zoom call if necessary to get this figured out. TIA

J05BNL 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

"you can have token in your wallet withou seeing them" i find this so inmature for crypto.

thanks for your guide, im testing it now 🙂

Unicorn Goodies 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Brah are you absolutely stoned off your rocker in this video or what? First I thought this was a joke actually. Hard to take you seriously when you’re blazin

N S 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Great content truly! , can u leave thumb nails below and time stamps so some of us can fast forward

Robin Hood 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

holy $hit Batman! This is unreal. This is definitely the best video on the internet on how to make money with tomb finance. Complicated as hell but I'm gonna give it a go. Thank you Tim! I wish like hell you was my neighbor!

Carpet Sparkle Carpet Cleaning 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

It seems as if something is missing , if you buy on kucoin it is a erc 20 token that can't go to ftm chain. No matter what I do it won't send from eth chain on mask to ftm chain. Not anyswap, not multichain swap, nothing will sent to ftm chain.

thefeydakin 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Nice video but gotta turn off the house mix. Too distracting – Aliens is a classic too

Oskar Schubert 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Where i find your music playlist?

Justin T 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Great video man! Do you suggest for someone investing around 1.5k, to invest it into Tomb or to Tshare?

John Prindesis 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Hey man when I want to sell, do I sell t share back to ftm ? Or tomb to ftm ?

Ilyas Ilyas 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

Noob alert! On spooky swap trying to buy some fantom using bnb but have a Approve BnB button instead of Swap. Trying to convert 0.04 bnb into 14 fantom but getting an insufficient funds message on MM. Any ideas?

Micheal William 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

i have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

trusthim 27/02/2022 - 7:09 Chiều

A businessman will never show how they earning .. if billgate , Tesla , Amazon etc shows how they earning today everyone would be rich .. stop fooling


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