How Do We Produce Food? Crash Course Geography #43 finance crash course

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Over the millennia, every region on Earth has developed its own successful agricultural ecosystem from flat fields of grain and mountainside rice terraces to coastal fish farms and goat herding. Today, we’re going to break down agricultural systems into three scales: subsistence, small-scale, and industrial agriculture. And we’ll take a look at how a place’s history plays a huge role in the system we see today as we follow the story of agriculture in the Philippines.


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The development and agriculture paradigms transformed: Reflections from the small-scale organic rice fields of the Philippines Robin Broad &

John Cavanagh  

Colonial history


Age of Farmers

Land Tenure

Climate Change

Altieri, M.A., Funes-Monzote, F.R. & Petersen, P. Agroecologically efficient agricultural systems for smallholder farmers: contributions to food sovereignty. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 32, 1–13 (2012).

Agroecology – writ large;
Eric Holt-Giménez & Miguel A. Altieri (2013) Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, and the New Green Revolution, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 37:1, 90-102, DOI: 10.1080/10440046.2012.716388

Water Footprint

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How Do We Produce Food? Crash Course Geography #43

How Do We Produce Food? Crash Course Geography #43

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How Do We Produce Food? Crash Course Geography #43
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V364N S7R0N6 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of habitat destruction and climate change. Stop supporting the destruction of our planet and the cruelty/exploitation of non-human animals.

TheGetout04 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

This video series really helped me in understanding the "real world" further

Cee 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Great video and really insightful. Food scarcity is a real global problem considering that we’re the masters of agriculture. We need better ways to protect workers and less politics around food

Nelson Swanberg 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Does ground water irrigation spoil the soil with the salts in the water?

killercaos123 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Genuinely surprised no mention of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation. It was invented in Israel

ahsani hafizhu shali 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Hey, yogyakarta! My hometown!

Sree Abirami Sadhasivam 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Please produce crash course Data Science.

Lakrids Pibe 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Dole, the better snack

Simon Verhoeven 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

thank you for the comprehensive video

Prince Mark Alvarez 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I really like some previous topic are used in this topic

Haraya Espadrilles 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Ayo, I'm from the Philippines!

DJBsLectures 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Very interesting topic and series

Sam Wingender 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Be respectful, be vegan. ✌

Rosalie Stevenson 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I'd love to see stuff on vertical farming and other new stuff

Gaasuba Meskhenet 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

i'll never stop freaking out about that industrial farm area/labor camp in southern spain that you can see from space

Gaasuba Meskhenet 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

lighten the load on the global trade system by giving people the free time to grow their own. No more evictions from primary residences!!!

Kristi Marie 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I'd die if I got transported back 400 years. I have 0 ability to supply food for myself, I'm dependent on stores.

JohnnyLodge2 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Kind of overlooks the benefits of agrobusiness. Mainly it is much more efficient and therefore requires less land use (no more clearing forests) and less human labor freeing citizens up to pursue something other than subsistence farming

AncientSwordRage 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I've only just noticed the leafy blouse! Epic

Autonomy Depth & Consciousness 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I often think about the exploitation of labour workers involved when I'm buying produce. I try to buy local even if it's more expensive. Thanks for doing a video like this.

O J 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Really well put together and insightful video like always, cheers!

Cristina Alexe 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Eye opening video!

Ian Blake 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Agronomy is the name of this study I believe

Jarrett Thomas 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

This one definitely going into my watch later folder

javi del 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều


Aaron Oneal 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Crash course needs to do a video about Ecosia the purpose movement.

Ataraxia 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều


Lydia Mulfinger 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

I'd love to learn all about American wheat production vs. Wheat production everywhere else. Also, I'm now curious about all things rice production. Since I work at Starbucks it'd also be interesting to learn more about coffee production and the future of its production

Tomb Kings 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Slave labor

SIRKISSHY 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

produce food? (beatboxes a tray of sushi into reality)

Ya 4 Gamin 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

First 4 views and first comment, congrats to anyone who has seen this early comment

TYM 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

LOL thanks smh I always asked myself this question but never done further research

ilyas wadjinny 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều

Well hello there 😉

Based Cousin Balki 26/02/2022 - 6:47 Chiều



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