How Apple Became the King of Luxury Tech technology king

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How Apple Became the King of Luxury Tech | Kings
15 Books Steve Jobs Thought Everyone Should Read:

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How did Apple started?
Who founded Apple?
How big is Apple?
Is Apple dying?
What will Apple come up with next?
What is the secret to Apple’s success?
How does Apple keep secrets so well?
What are some amazing facts about Apple, the company?
Is Apple facing extinction in the future?
What are the biggest problems at Apple at the moment?
Why do people like Apple products?
Are Apple products overpriced?
Is Apple building a car?
Why do people hate Apple?
What is it like to work at Apple?

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How Apple Became the King of Luxury Tech

How Apple Became the King of Luxury Tech

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#Apple #King #Luxury #Tech
How Apple Became the King of Luxury Tech
technology king
You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here
You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here

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27 comments 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Hey Aluxers, are you Apple fans?

Make sure to join

15 Things You Didn't Know About APPLE:

15 Books Steve Jobs Thought Everyone Should Read:

Colourman 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

0:51 apple is now THE largest company in the world (and reached 3 trillion dollars a few days/weeks ago)

tiiso leteba 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

I’m proudly writing this comment on my apple iPhone .

Kitsune 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

This video is the history not the how. Please make your titles more accurate

Funky Monk 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Incredibly annoying voice. Get real.

Tonya Robinson 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

I have the iPhone the watch and air pods

Pazzaria T.V. 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

iPhone 11. iPad Mini. MacBook Pro. Have owned many, many Apple products over the years.

Will never, ever use a P.C., or anything related to it.

Who’s excited for WWDC on the 22nd?!

Parth Patel 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

I'm using Iphone 8

Easy Support 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

I love Apple. I’ve owned many products since 2016.

iPhone 6s

2 of the iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone X

2 of the iPhone XS Max

2 of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

4 of the iPad Air 2

One 2017 iPad Pro 10.5

One of the new iPad Pro with Face ID

A MacBook Pro with touch-bar

Three Apple watches (stainless steel only)

AirPods 1st gen

AirPods 2nd gen

AirPods Pro

Apple TV

Beats Solo 2 Wierless

2 of the Beats Solo 3 Wierless

Beats Solo Pro

And probably more I can’t keep track lmao. All the boxes are in my basement on shelves. I guess you can say I love Apple.

I’m also so lucky I have parents who will buy me this. People at school get jealous a lot.

Elon Musk 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

I don't use any Apple product
I just study Steve jobs and I can turn any product better than Apple

Elon Musk 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

You didn't explained how and why luxury

Juned Mansoor 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Background music ?

Andres Ivan Rafael Tito 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Steve was very clever because he was perfect entrepreneur thanks to his company and his dead
He dead just on time that he was considered a perfect entrepreneur, now mostly people see that is way

Sorry by language, i speak Spanish but that is what I think…

DBaddis 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod

Aihara 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

tbh Steve Jobs was so much better then Tim Cook

Febin Rafi 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

iPhone 5S, MacBook Air & iPod Shuffle

Dilanka Dias 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

It is obvious that Apple has changed the world. That's why I always go after their products. Customer satisfaction is off the roof.

Armin iDRIZI 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Is Steve wozniak from Albania?

JustBlue 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Tho that Samsung is the king?

Mario Cisneros 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

iPads looks great. I dont own any because I like the extra luxury on my Samsung galaxy note 10.

David Montreal 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Ok i have a note 10 plus but im watching this on my xs max i also have airpods 2
30w fast charger
2019 MacBook pro
12.9 inch ipad pro with the 2nd gen apple pencil
Amd im thinking about getting the newest…
Apple monitor stand
Mac pro

Flex much? Yasssssss

Krister TV 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

What stuff I used for apple..
iPod 3
iPhone 4
iPhone 5s
iPhone 7
iPhone 8 plus
MacBook Pro 13 inch 2014
iPad Pro 11 inch 64 gb
Apple Watch series 2
Samsung :: TV

Jazil Zaim 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Great video! I am personally a fan of Apple computers but I still prefer Android devices when it comes to smartphones. Overall Apple is a great company!

Mohammed 3aziz 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Apple is king of luxury tech…
Samsung: i'am a joke to you??

జో 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

The funniest thing is most of people don’t even use any apple product but still hate it and troll it

sovietcomrade69 22/02/2022 - 6:37 Chiều

Tim Cook is underrated though


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