Flying Objects A State Secret | UFO Documentary technology documentary 2021

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Are UFOs real?

***Our producer has a correction, the beginning of the video should say “On December 16th, 2017, footage shot by the US Navy stun the American population”. It did not create panic. Thanks to everyone for commenting.

Unidentified flying objects have been a state secret for a long time. In less than 100 years, mankind has experienced a wide range of U.F.O./U.A.P. phenomena the world over. From these experiences, fascinating data has been gathered by military, government, and private organizations in key geopolitical countries, leading people within these organizations to believe that a unified human effort should be undertaken to study extraterrestrial phenomena.

Watch this UFO documentary and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Covers the most up to date, most credible ufo incidents in recent memory including the Pentagon UFO videos. While nothing new for ufo enthusiasts, for anyone not in deep in the ufo field, it’s a short, succinct, straight to the point ufo documentary on the latest happenings.”

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Flying Objects A State Secret | UFO Documentary

Flying Objects A State Secret | UFO Documentary

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#Flying #Objects #State #Secret #UFO #Documentary
Flying Objects A State Secret | UFO Documentary
technology documentary 2021
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You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here

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Thad Tomas 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều


Adrian Cox 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

i like how they talk about free energy i say they should stay as far from earth as possible because the day America or Europe master the technology they will use to enrich themselves and enslave the rest of the world Right now they have the capacity to get rid of poverty world wide Give everyone free Health and education but there is no profit and all these guys care for is profit they even use racism to make a profit, the only comforting thingabout all this is knowing that they are kind of Gaurdian Angles making sure white people dont blow up they Earth chasing Hitlers Dream After all America Has planted nukes everywhere and is the reason for all the nukes and Threat to humanity and mankind

Stephen McGraw 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

To the Intro language to this video,there was NO PANIC with the leaked videos of the UFO footage,a ton of interest,but there wasn`t any panic….I`m sick of people saying that the public can`t know about this stuff because of the "panicked reactions"that the gov`t. has always said would happen if/when said info is disclosed…..Enough with the secrets–this government works for the public,not OVER it……

Casey Kissinger 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I wonder if somehow they can calculate Omuamua’s position, and take a picture of it with Hubble?

J J 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Just come out and tell us!

Mark Eddowes 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Errrr….Mr.French commentator, from 1963 – 1996 there were hundreds of atomic French nuclear explosions on Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls in the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia. Where’s your UFO data on that??????! I haven’t heard of any!!!!!!!

Jerry Engstrom 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Id like to know how they split the money. Because they already new what it was. Were did the money go they charged for the study or investigation what ever you want to call it

CryptoWarrior 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

When your government is telling you that what tens of thousands of people are seeing in the skies all over the world and have been seeing then for decades that those things don't exist and they come up with ludicrous explanations to dismiss them then you really need to press and ask questions and never stop searching for answers.

But when your govern tells you or is forced to tell you they THEY have been taking sittings seriously and and tell you flat out that much of the evidence they have collected can not be explained and therefore is in fact something they can't identify from this Earth then you need to listen, taken them at their word, but again…continue to ask the questions and never stop searching.

I think "First Contact" might playout similarly to Star Trek where once we reach some milestone in our venture into the stars is when we could possibly meet other species that have been visiting us. This may happen as SpaceX launches it's "Starship" rocket and it carries humans to Mars. Or it may happen as we reach the red planet for exploration and colonization.

While I can't rule out the intentions of any of these beings that have been visiting us I will say that if they were a threat to us we most likely would have seen it by now. The fact that an alien from wherever can come here in something so technologically advanced over what we have surely has the means to end us. Or it could be that we're more a curiosity to them as thy are and would be to us.

pics nics 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Only greedy Media and greedy YouTubers panicked. All to get more viewers and hence more money. General public went Meh.

Luke Mallon 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I believe that the navy footage proving existence means many of us are less intrigued than we used to be.We are not alone.

Antonio Lima 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Why so many UFO's? Humans already have the capacity to grab their technology.

PEDER STEENBERG 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều


Emanuels Journey 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Terror??? I beg to differ

Gerry Quinn 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I wonder if discovering an alternative life force ("Aliens") would make people think… "Well if God doesn't exist, there's no heaven or he'll, so we can do exactly as we please with no consequences"? Not good for mankind me thinks!
Also, why are we looking at other 'Earth-like' planets as a source of intelligent life? These beings could come from any type of environment.

Inspired Living 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

If alians show up, we'll all be fascinated and talk about it for months. Then, we'll make memes about them. Then, we'll get bored and find something else…

Matthew Pelham 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

It's getting hard to find a UFO/ et video that is saying something new.

JJ Abraham 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Respected New York Times? What a joke

Marks Eduard 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

are the materials of whih is omuamaua is made plus the sunlight has given this thing ts so called extra push ?

Chris W 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều


Big Red! 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I don’t believe any of this “caused panic with the American public.” Nor should it….

Sonny Burnett 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

We owe people like Robert Bigelow, Paul Hellyer and Edgar Mitchell a huge debt of gratitude for using their positions in society to put UFO’s in the public discussions.

Lute Obaidi 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

There is nothing to worry about. Humans are the most superior that are created by Allah (God). Human with high tech occupy the space by establishing a space station. God reveals that there is another created spiritual, being created by ME that can have an upper hand on human and they are ANGELS. Angels are acting peacefully and demonstrating that there is another SUPREME BEING that monitor human activities in the space, not only monitoring the space but used to monitor all the flying objects since 1950s. If this holds true, I will be the first to theorize it as such. Remember when Moses insisted on God to reveal HIMSELF and the mountain was turned into pieces and Moses went unconscious. This could be a good example of SUPREME BEING power.

JAYTC 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

RIP Sen. Harry Reid. Thank you, Sir.

The Good Citizen 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

It’s a lie, disinformation that the people will panic. No one that doesn’t have an elite status in government and or finance will “Panic”.
These are the same people that are desperately seeking Benefit from any visitation. Technology translates into patents that equal profits that are used to acquire or consolidate power.
If the people were left to our own devices there’d be a cultural revolution, an enhancement of I introspection. But our leaders suffer from a serious case of Greed and corruption

MrBazzabee 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Nobody has walked on the Moon.

W D King 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Limitless free energy.. and the governments are going to go along with this? Yeah, right. Ask Nikola Tesla how that worked out for him.

John Moates 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

The earth is a living entity. Everything is alive from the clouds to the thoughts we have In our brains when we dream. Our farts are alive. The rocks the water. In multiple if not infinite dimensions. Everything happened all at once. The past present and future. Time never began nor will it end. God is I am. Trinity is serenity, divinity is infinity. Ying yang yang ying

BLAZENYCBLACKOPS 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Lol, exactly, I sometimes wonder who writes this garbage and it’s partly why many people are so misinformed.

AboTizi :) 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Im Elien from another galax i promis

homer s 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I belive the nordic race comes from another world just see what the germans did invent during the 2nd world war they inwented modern warfare.

Michael Sparks 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

Two things are important to me. #1, The acknowledgment of the
UFOS/UAPS as a reality and not some made up bull. #2, The fact that they're shutting down our ability to launch nuclear missiles is bar none the most important news out there. To me it's great news as long as they shut down the Chinese, Russian, and North Korean missiles too. If we are attacked and cannot defend ourselves that would be a disaster. Especially from a Russian made hydrogen bomb capable of taking out an entire city the size of New York.

Fx M 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I watched it again after 4 months. Nothing new gleaned except 2.4 or 2035 in October. Tolerance I think is the largest hurdle. We can't even tolerate each other.

Geoff Mower 11/03/2022 - 4:33 Chiều

I saw these back in the 70s in Australia along with a triangular mother ship it's such a relief to see the information coming out to the world population. One thing I know is that they have been here for years if they were going to do something against us it would have happend a long time ago.


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