Feb 23 Financial News: Russia Sanctions or Bee Stings, Mortgages Collapse, Real Estate Investors finance after 40

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Feb 23 Financial News: Russia Sanctions or Bee Stings, Mortgages Collapse, Real Estate Investors

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Feb 23 Financial News: Russia Sanctions or Bee Stings, Mortgages Collapse, Real Estate Investors
finance after 40
You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here
You can see a lot of useful information here: See more here

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Ayesha Waqas 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Very informative, love your channel. We are renting currently and in the market to buy a house to live in. But all this uncertainty is scary. Not sure to buy now or wait. Are the home prices actually going to come down? Any advise would be appreciated!

Beard Farms 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Great info Mike! Ty

Brad Jackson 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Great episode.

Domain Science 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

I thought the printing of money causes inflation. How do lower interest rates increase or decrease inflation?

Kyle Hoorn 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Hey Mike, just a fun idea for you to ponder.
With your 500 postcards for purchases, what if you also created an NFT to send to people as well. Not sure of the utility of it yet, but down the road people that had one of the first 500 could have some new features, etc for them.
As your channel gets bigger, it becomes digital bragging rights.

Just an idea. I don’t own any NFT’s “artwork”but creators like yourself that add direct value to your audience it could be a way to mix in some crypto stuff with it. Owners of the NFT maybe get access to future courses at a special discount, or you do a one day live event, or some other cool idea you come up with. Not a fully fleshed out idea, do with it as you wish. Or disregard.

Thanks for all your work.

Boozemouth 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

I'm on Russia side in this conflict. The US should NOT be trying to be the world's police. Let Europe and Russia hash this one out. US is going to be in a world of pain with higher rates by next year. It should concentrate on domestic issues first.

Carlos Gomez 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Thanks Michael for your work! It Help me a lot to understand and is very insightful!

Ser S 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Let's read and trust the news.
It's been credible for so long.
Nothing's a lie.

colette spencer 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Pulte sucks

chikibusan 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

You're right I don't think that's real Cash

Dion Talk Financial Freedom 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

Excited to see you hit 26k.
Surprised it’s not 260k

rei_cowboy 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

I have my banks reaching out to me to refi too but I haven’t seen ARM yet.

bmu7979 24/02/2022 - 8:39 Chiều

80/20 rule on cash buyers i would guess


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