EARLY STAGE STRATEGY 6-Max Poker Tournament with Daniel Negreanu can you make money online poker

by adminhuahinsunvilla3sd

We show all the big hands from the early stages of a deep run in a recent 6 Max WSOP Online Poker Tournament Circuit Event and discuss Ranges, Bluffs, going ALL IN and more. This is the first of 3 parts to this series, Middle and Late Stage videos will be posted soon. The full stream is available here:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Playing against a Large Raise
1:12 Ace King
1:50 Limping
3:56 3 Betting and Randomizing
4:22 Pocket Kings
5:22 Playing the Nuts
7:12 Suited Connectors
8:56 Limping from the Small Blind
10:12 Calling a 3 Bet
11:18 Defending the Big Blind
14:00 Pocket Jacks
15:07 Calling an All In
15:40 Blind vs Blind
16:14 Flatting in Position
17:40 Straight Flush
18:48 Ace King
20:30 Suited Connectors from the Big Blind
22:00 Ace Deuce
23:30 Squeeze Play
24:30 Suited Ace
26:30 Blind vs Blind
27:30 Shoving and Calling
29:00 Pocket Eights
31:00 Taking a Flop

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EARLY STAGE STRATEGY 6-Max Poker Tournament with Daniel Negreanu

EARLY STAGE STRATEGY 6-Max Poker Tournament with Daniel Negreanu

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EARLY STAGE STRATEGY 6-Max Poker Tournament with Daniel Negreanu
can you make money online poker
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Brian Wang 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

“That’s something Phil Helmuth would not understand” Lolol dnegs on to him

A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

"dnegs how much money have u bled in the past two years?"
censorship is sort of like a hand range, but for real life. but you can't censor your bank account! ooh, burn!

(just kidding, i know ur a gazillionaire and can i like, borrow 25k? im a 15 ton dinosaur and food is expensive!)

Midnight Movie Man 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Thanks Dan. Honestly I can relate to Phil Hellmuth more than anybody because I feel like I make Great Falls and when I get it and I’m always a favorite.. I always seem to get knocked out by one crucial hand where again typically im a favorite

I love the Hellmuth strategy I just feel like online it’s really really hard without a lot of luck so I’m hoping you’re a strategy which is more predicated on how people play hands today as well as using psychology(though it’s tougher online) Will really help me in my upcoming tournament tomorrow!

Treyding Stocks 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Bro is your live chat okay? I was more entertained by the insanity in your chat box

Enter the Eat List 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Reading the qqs was sick!

Darryl B 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

So many trolls on the internet, leave the man alone for Petes sake.
Daniel seems like a decent guy.

よようかん 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều Reply
CC Challenges 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

17:50 thats whats known as a straight flush

Henry Pascal 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it: https://youtu.be/PIqwV3Kfc44

Will Jay 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

why not min value bet river out of position with straight flush ? everyone checks there and i never see any value

Will Jay 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

damn i watched the straight flush come out it was beautiful … you probably have seen that 100 times somehow

cund't 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Lmao the instaban on the guy who asked him how much money he's bled in the last 2 years…. hes not bleeding. he profits even if he loses. and hes having fun regardless.


im goated

toss some salt on me Im underseasoned

3 and a 5? keep it alive all in everytime

spyguyjim 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Thanks for these videos! You rock bro.

Sam E 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

This poker app lets you see other players hands that weren’t shown at the showdown?

Zachary Narvaez 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

13:28 yessir this is the key

coolman110201 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Why did you block that person during the Js hands?

Mike Elder 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

seems like you tend to call early on and raise or re-raise deeper in the hand. This allows you to risk less early and be more aggressive once you have maximum info?

Azad 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Hello Daniel!
I started playing poker almost in 2014 and I learned a lot from watching your games. Of course, I still need to learn. Poker is like physics, and the more you learn, the more you realize you need to learn more. Good luck always

Auktioneronline se 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Q9s Call 3 bet 170bb deep wow and at least Good y let the gut shot go in flop donkaments

Auktioneronline se 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Daniel Always buy in late becourse he is a bad player with more then 40bb but Also he is semi fish with less then 40bb

Malcolm Washer 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Wow nice straight flush only got 2 of them ever and one time i lost cos he had a higher one lol

Ligaff The Indifferent 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

The read on QQ or JJ was awesome

MrCommenter2000 Johnston 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

17:48 lol so good

Aaron A. Aaronson 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Best hand playing accompanied by hole-card sharing

imagine we're in a team of 4 players,
1 holds 82o in UTG,
1 holds A8o in HJ,
1 holds KJs in CO,
1 holds 89s in BU.

now there are clearly 3 bad hands here, and they block eachothers outs, so it's clearly better for these hands to fold, than it would normally be, the KNOWN EV of a fold is the same as always, 0, however our alternatives just got worse, meaning the EV gain of folding these hands (A8o we should normally rfi, 89s should call KJs' open in a tournament for example) however with the extra information, we can now fold. Where-as others cannot seize this advantage.

Over the long run, yes, the games will FEEL pretty rigged.

These teams white-list certain individuals in their games to avoid detection, granting that white-listed player a winning graph…
If you have a massively positive graph, chances are you will be white-listed by the team, as they will expect you to smell a rat more often. By this token, once a player is white-listed if they stay in that game, they quite often can amass a decent graph and then go on to crush the next stake, due to also being white-listed there, due to having been white-listed in the previous game mode…

However if you are a losing player, i wouldn't wait around to get white-listed. I got white-listed in a game mode, and made over 400 buy-ins. However, i then cashed out after having some life stuff come up, a month or two redeposited, having spent much of the roll that i'd amassed, was planning to grind it up from lower stakes than i was playing previously…. After all, i was absolutely crushing 2 stakes higher, for several months putting in decent volume.

HOWEVER….. The games were (i am as certain as i can be without knowing their actual hole-cards in every spot) filled with colluders, convenient folds to my direct opponents on bubbles where it just didn't matter to the big-stack whether or not the bubble continues as everyone is 1-2BBs deep…. Repeated over months of volume (roughly 100 sngs per day for several months – i was really grinding)…..

Pokerstars seem to think that more sophisticated collusion simply does not occur.
They seem to think that groups of individuals cannot find loop-holes in their defences…
Lets imagine these 6 extra blockers throughout the entire game give you an extra 5% roi
Suddenly a player who was making $25/hour if he studied like a maniac all year is making $50 an hour with virtually no effort…
Personally, if i knew that i could just donate back $25 an hour to a few other players who are not involved through some "whale" account, and it would convince the site that i'm not colluding, i'd probably do that, if i were the kind to collude. (i'm not i can just see how ridiculously easy it would be, and yet everyone for some reason is talking about rigging, as if to deliberately mislead people from the real problem – rigging never happens really, collusion happens AT LEAST sometimes, yet the only detailed video i find, is doug polk talking about mike postle, playing live… great.)

Pokerstars however, believe that if players are consistently refusing to take collusive opportunities, that this is somehow a dead-cert confirmation, that they are not cheating, enough to insultingly tell me that it is essentially all in my head.

The problem will only grow, until we let pokerstars know that we are aware of it.

All you players who are break-even/losing/barely-winning just know… You may well be decent winners, if all the colluders were gone… After all there are a lot of fish…. But if the colluders have a bigger edge vs them, and an edge vs you that even god players cannot achieve vs fish. You're simply done for…

With the colluders there… The game is doomed and will die… Quickly. We're watching it happen in front of our eyes… It should be quite a stable economy;

some making money then quitting and doing something less demanding or playing far less,
others losing money then quitting,
some losing money at a steady pace for recreation
some breaking even and aspiring to eventually win, winning some off of the fish, losing to the better players..
site takes rake and brings in new players with some of that money via promotions + advertising
government taxes everybody one way or another.

However throw colluders into the equation, suddenly you now have 2 groups of winners, and this group of winners barely has to try, they simply arrange 1 day per week, that they will log into new accounts, that they got someone else to make and verify for them for a small fee (or simply stole/bought their details online), after making X amount of money… All funds are dumped onto a legitimate heads up account, who then pays the group accordingly via bitcoin or some other un-traceable method, after himself, taking a small fee for the process, somewhat accounting for all the variance in heads up, a sort of extra rake-back if you like, what's more, their graph now looks way better than it should, so much so they may be able to rope in some people for coaching, $500/hr thank you very much, very reasonable these days for a world class heads up player eh?

Tell me i'm wrong. I'll just prove i'm right.

Simply 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

Had to watch pocket 8's like 8 times just to finally find the soul read. Even after seeing hole cards 7 times. This is probably the 3rd million time youve played that spot.

MsUncleKevin 12/03/2022 - 4:08 Chiều

I dont understand anything of netpoker. But why tables are switching. Or did u cut the video.=)


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