Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 easy steps digital marketing strategy

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0:00 Introduction
01:25 Objectives & Brief
03:35 Market Analysis
08:17 Audience Analysis
12:25 Channel Mix and Targeting strategy
18:24 Messaging
23:10 Approach to reporting

In this video we will discuss about how to create a digital marketing or social marketing strategy for your clients or management. It is important to have a framework or strategy in place if you want to run a digital marketing or social media marketing campaign. In this video, I will show you how to create step by step a wonderful strategy. I have broken down the strategy in easy identifiable steps or pillars which are very important to consider in a logical order.

The video explains the 6 easy steps to create a Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing strategy.
Any strategy can be created in 6 easy steps in a professional Template:
1. Understanding the objective or brief
2. Market Analysis – Media Trends, Competitor Analysis and Digital Audit of client
3. Understanding and Audience Analysis
4. Channel Mix and Targeting Strategy
5. Messaging and communication of Ads
6. Right approach to reporting

You can use this strategy to grow your business or present it to the clients or management. This template is followed by top Advertising agencies around the world. By the end of the video, you will be able to create Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing strategy from scratch which ensures higher ROI and performance

Regardless of whether you want to create for Social media only or wider scope of digital channels, the fundamentals of marketing doesn’t change and thus the marketing strategy doesn’t change

I have also showed how to create a presentation to present a Social Media marketing or Digital marketing strategy to a client or management

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Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 easy steps

Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 easy steps

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#Digital #Marketing #Strategy #easy #steps
Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 easy steps
digital marketing strategy
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Senator We Run Ads 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

0:00 Introduction
01:25 Step 1- Objectives & Brief
03:35 Step 2 – Market Analysis
08:17 Step 3 – Audience Analysis
12:25 Step 4 – Channel Mix and Targeting strategy
18:24 Step 5 – Messaging
23:10 Step 6 – Approach to reporting

maneesh mohan 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Wonderful. Please share the presentation

Lead Lord 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Sir , It is really helpful to startup like us , Thank you and your videos are valuable . Love from India

Sheikh Monirul Hasan 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

One of the best video on marketing planning ever I have seen. Thanks

Ashan Herath 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Goal of the week to finish all your videos and learn things I didn't know! great content thanks a lot. for people like me who's dreaming of finding a digital marketing job abroad :')

Vijay Jaiswal 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Amazing, can You create more strategies video?

Manjunath S 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Simple and effective information..could you please share the video on Google Data studio reporting

reji adithian 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Hii can you please share the presentation with me

Keern R 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

I really like it, have to say this keep up the good work! the on point information is so accurate.
I have few doubts I have been given assignments during interview and they want me to present on sample targeting and media plan for b2b A. App Downloads for retailers & B. leads for Aerial Work platform basically crane and lift.
I am really stuck at targeting and channel mix for these two Can you please help I have to submit .

What would be targeting and channel mix also messaging in brief

Prudhvi Teja 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Please make a video on free lancing

Rasika Titarmare 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Hi , Even I am in UAE can u pls guide me .Your videos are very informative & valuable! Can you send the link to me.

anutida jaichuen 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

A big fan of your channel!!!!! Been watching almost all the videos.

Saumya Gupta 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Hey! It was interesting and valuable video, could you please send the link to download ppt. Thanks!!

TechGalidator 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

nice explanation, Please send template

Justus Munyao 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

I would like the template. Please send me

Zaid Sweidan 27/02/2022 - 8:17 Chiều

Thank you


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