Business Field Trip to Paris | Finance Specialization a finance student journey

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The business field trip to Paris allows BBA students in semester 7 to be fully immersed in the market they’ve been studying throughout their International Hotel Development & Finance Specialization.

Students had the chance to meet with Frabrice Tessier, VP School Relations and Partnerships for Accor, Djibril Fofana, School Relations and Partnerships Officer for Accor and Vanguelis Panayotis for Chairman MKG Consulting & OlaKala_suite and Glion Alumnus.

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This trip is essentially the last part of the specialization, what we have put together is essentially the full immersion into the market that they’ve been studying over the last several
weeks. So this morning in Accor we met with the brand and innovation team. They’re really focused on how to create new concepts for the future.

Our core business is still hotels and we are developing in that area lifestyle hotels as well as many innovation which are completing the array of Accor and our hospitality.

We think it’s a very helpful for us to welcome students in order to give us a point of view but also to get the inputs.

What we try and do is it’s really about variety, it’s really important that the students experience all different kinds of products.

We met the major players of the hotel industry with the Louvre Hotel Group and today we just came back from Accor hotel presentation which was very interesting in a way that you’re getting to know the new venue the new hotels of this group, hotel for example where we slept yesterday evening.

I’m very happy today to discuss about the industry with the students and exchanging about the future of our industry, discussing about what are the next step in the hospitality world.

We are mainly exposed to the theoretical part of what is hotel development and finance in hospitality in general and here with this field trip we got the chance to meet with the head office of Accor and MKG consulting company for example. All of those personas just giving us hints of what would be the future of hospitality.

It gives us a bigger perspective on what is important and the different type of returns such as the Syrian spa which is so luxurious. For me it was a very very nice experience.

I feel positive and inspired for the students because it’s given them a new frame of reference about what is possible from once they graduate from Glion .

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Business Field Trip to Paris | Finance Specialization

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Business Field Trip to Paris | Finance Specialization
a finance student journey
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