6 Money Myths Capitalism Implanted In Your Brain finance after 40

by adminhuahinsunvilla3sd

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In this episode, Chelsea dives into the various work and life myths capitalism has made us all buy into, from the importance of owning a huge house to the humongous CEO salaries we’ve come to expect.

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6 Money Myths Capitalism Implanted In Your Brain

6 Money Myths Capitalism Implanted In Your Brain

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6 Money Myths Capitalism Implanted In Your Brain
finance after 40
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mackhaio5 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Yeah, the kitchen could use this, but @32 hours you'll need a whole seperate crew to prep for the line crew.

Ricardo Ellison 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Blizzard CEO had a whole scandal and lawsuits accused of crunch and badly treating female staff now that Microsoft has brought blizzard he is getting almost 300 million severance package.

Ricardo Ellison 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

The universal healthcare thing baffles me in America. The system we have is horrible and inefficient. Tying your insurance to your job is a horrible way to do it. It would benefit companies that don’t sell insurance to not have to pay for their employees healthcare. It’s amazing how many insurance companies can afford to put their name on stadiums. In Atlanta we have State Farm arena.

01101101011000010111010001110100 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

“It is because mankind are disposed to sympathize more entirely with our joy than with our sorrow, that we make parade of our riches, and conceal our poverty. Nothing is so mortifying as to be obliged to expose our distress to the view of the public, and to feel, that though our situation is open to the eyes of all mankind, no mortal conceives for us the half of what we suffer.” -Adam Smith

Boris80b 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Sorry conservatives who have posted here but I'm with Chelsea on this. She sees the big picture. In today's society, compromises are only expected for things that the working class needs but the wealthy pretty much get whatever they want. So yes, when working people were unionized more, they were better off generally. It's as simple as that. So yes, better things for ordinary people are possible. The problem is that we don't have enough ethical people to run for political office. We have too many of those who make excuses for the wealthiest and accept numerous and huge "campaign contributions," AKA legal bribes. That's pretty much the situation we're in.

Isidore Aerys 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Wow TFD. Really hit one out of the park with this video. Saw it posted in the Breadtube subreddit and was not disappointed. Hopefully the Market Fundamentalists will be more capable of listening to the Facts from a buttoned up successful person like yourself

Bernard Ross 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

OMG there are sooo many flaws with this video its painful to watch!
1st flaw, the industrial revolution and capitalisms meant people had to work longer hours to survive. WRONG! Before factory and office jobs that go 9 to 5 weekdays only (usually), the main jobs people had were farm work and household servant jobs. These require work, from DAWN to DUSK 6 days a week. Factory and office jobs were luxurious in comparison because you had every evening off
2nd flaw unions are always good for workers WRONG! Unions can make it extremely difficult to fire workers for both negligence and harassments. This means that if you and a coworker are both part of a union, and your coworker harasses you and other employees, there's nothing management can do about it because the union protects them.

Þór Jóhannesson 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

The 80% had a BIG * on it
It's optional choice for the company and most don't opt in.
I know 0 people that have the reduced work week (in the private sector, public sector is honoring the contract)

Simple Things 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

I left the workforce in 2015 to take care of my parents. I have no income and I live in a portable building that I made livable by adding a bathroom, bedroom (putting a mattress on the bathroom ceiling), kitchen and living room. I raise sheep and chickens. I grow a garden every year. I keep busy. I'm happy.

Michelle Kaiser 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Still getting crypto ads on your videos… Thought you guys would want to know!

MR3D-Dev 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

We can afford universal healthcare, the issue is, people. Look at obesity indexes in countries with universal healthcare and what? Is much lower than in the US for a reason. For us to get universal healthcare many people need to change their way of life and most, just dont want to.

Libusheful 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

I think it would also be interesting to explain the concept of "productivity". How it is calculated and so on. I don't know much about it myself but I think people is lead to believe it means "working a lot" while it is rather a relation HR costs/company benefit, right? If you get lower wage from one day to another you are automatically "more productive". Honest question.

Ramo Chai 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

One important detail that caught my attention in the US as a foreigner is pharmaceutical advertising on mass media. It's illegal almost everywhere in the world, definitely illegal in all developed nations. Why? Because advertising a prescription drug does nothing but hike its price. So when you're paying $100 for an injection in the US, while Australians pay $9, a substantial amount of that $91 is going in the pockets of media and advertising executives. Secondly, in this system you simply cannot expect media networks to be critical towards pharmaceutical companies (Oxycontin anyone??), because those companies buy airtime from those networks. In other words, their commercial relationship is costing you lots of money and those fat cats don't want to lose it.

leftyfourguns 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Interesting that "laziness" should be linked to "reliance" on welfare, when it's the corporate welfare queens who drain more money from Uncle Sam's pockets than they put in.
Remember that $3 trillion no strings attached bail-out package for Wallstreet during the pandemic? While us getting a $1300 "stimulus" had to be debated for a year?

bobbypaycheque 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

None of this was told to you by Capitalism. The definition: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. There is nothing there telling you to not be in a union, there is nothing in capitalism telling you that you must buy a house. That is the entire point. It allows people the freedom to mutually exchange value. Hell, capitalism didn't even come up with the 40 hour work week. It wasn't until 1940 that the 40 hour work week was mandated by the government. Government mandates aren't capitalism. This video is ridiculous.

Michelle Marie 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

i wish i had a 4 day work week, i only have one day off because i work a production based job for a small business. i wish i had time to do things, i sleep til noon or sometimes later, wake up around 1-3pm ish cause i work overnights, have a few hours to myself, and then around 7 i have to go into work and its not guaranteed of when i will get off work it depends on how much we have to do that night, and im classified as "full time" but i dont get any benefits like pto, health insurance, sick leave, the only thing i get is we usually work major holidays and have the days before the major holidays off and when we work the major holidays we get paid time and a half, but thats it, no real security, i do plan on going into a trade but still thats not for awhile.

강민석 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

"Capitalism" is such a boogeyman, I could probably make a lot of money doing a modern shot-for-shot re-take of any of my old USSR anti-capitalist scare propaganda videos and selling that to the mob.
I wonder, since when do we lump work practices, financial institutions, investments etc. etc. all together with capitalism? How is that different from conservatives attributing everything bad to Marxism… a bit over simplistic, don't you think?

emanym 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

The revolution is nigh. Down with the billionaires!

Melissa D 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Oh my god. If we go into another recession like 2008, holding for the long term is the worst advice! My stepmom lost all of her $80,000 life savings by leaving it for the long term in her 401K in 2008 despite all my and everyone else's warnings. Investors should either get out of the markets completely, or at least get out of the low/no control ETFs and invest in more stable things like gold or silver for a few years.

Just Commenting 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Can you do a video on trying to run a more ethical company? I'm starting to get close to enough money to start a business or to otherwise become a capitalist, and was wondering about thoughts on this. Eventually I'd like to leave such a business as a co-op.

Joshua Lee 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Man, I've not yet been "house poor" but i've definitely been "car poor". Having a job far enough away from my house and a car just in bad enough condition that a lot of my paycheck got dumped into gas, insurance, and maintenance

Davorín Škvaridlo 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Scratching the surface and having good intentions…
Saying nothing about monetary manipulation…

OfTinúvielsKin 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều


SHIRYON 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Hey…capitalism works, for the 13 ruling families and the elitists.

Italo Maeda 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

3:20 well I am next level and I am pretending to work 40 hours a week.

valeria s 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

35 h of work per week is the best way in my oppinion for a person to have a good relationship with work, to reduce burn out and to keep people interested in their work. It's sad that the norm rith now is to be in burn out and not have enough time to enjoy life

Laurel D'souza 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Honestly I don't understand how America can say that the State can't afford free or subsidised healthcare. I am an Indian and we have free(sometimes subsidised) Healthcare. If we can afford it, I don't understand how USA can give finance as an excuse. Of course we're a socialist republic and not a capitalist nation

Matthew Brown 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

Good job!

Jason Birzer 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

I can't get over her calling Ursula Le Guin "girl". Lady or woman? Sure. But girl?

That Developer Guy 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

In order for universal healthcare to be feasible, propaganda networks such as Fox News, who are known bad actors, need to be done away with.

Flavio Nessuno 25/02/2022 - 5:11 Chiều

I think that Capitalism and Socialism are in reality on a continuum where on one end you have a totally planned economy and on the other end a completely deregulated free market. In the center there is Social Democracy, where certain parts of the economy are operating under a free market.


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