5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master in 2021 & Beyond digital marketing english

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What are the Digital Marketing Skills of Tomorrow? In this video, we bring you some findings of the Skills of Tomorrow Report – the top 5 marketing skills – plus our favourite resources to help you master the top 5 digital marketing skills in 2021 & beyond!


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The past year has been a rollercoaster. If you are looking to upgrade your marketing skills and stay future-proof, then you have come to the right place!

We surveyed 1,300 marketing experts and leaders to find out what the top strengths and weaknesses were.

Here are the top 5 skills you need to master as a marketer to get ahead of the game!

1. The first digital marketing skill you need is a Growth Mindset.

As marketers, we aim to try and get into the mind of our customers in the name of customer-centricity and improving customer experience. A good practice!

But a Growth Mindset is about you and your team’s mind and how you approach skills, learning, success and failure.

A Growth Mindset is the skill of skills!

2. The second digital marketing skill to learn is Rapid Experimentation,

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, experimentation provides rapid learnings and growth for marketers and marketing teams.

Being open to being wrong on your assumptions and testing and learning is fundamental to your success.

And the most successful companies are those that use rapid experimentation.

3. Next up, and arguably the most important digital marketing skill: being Data-Led.

We live in a world where technology has enabled data collection on a scale never before seen.

Yet, despite all this data, the greatest shortcoming is that leaders and teams are not utilising it to gain insights and drive decisions.

There is simply a lack of skills.

And in this complex modern world, you need to evaluate which marketing efforts are making progress.

And become data-led!

4. The fourth digital marketing skill you need to learn is to use Attribution Models.

In 2001, the average consumer used only two touchpoints when buying an item.

Today, consumers use an average of almost six touchpoints, according to Oracle.

But do you know which touchpoints are the most important in your customers’ buying journey?

Luckily, Attribution models do, and using them is a vital skill!

5. The fifth digital marketing skill that you need to learn is: Sharing Learnings

According to International Data Corp companies in the Fortune 500 lose a combined $31.5 billion per year from employees failing to share knowledge effectively.

And in a remote working world, it is even more important to make sure that learnings are being shared across your team and organisation effectively.

There you have it!

The top five marketing skills you should look to master to stay at the top of your digital marketing game in 2021 and beyond.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Remember, you can access the report and list of resources mentioned by following the link above!


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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master in 2021 & Beyond

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master in 2021 & Beyond

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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master in 2021 & Beyond
digital marketing english
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